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The biggest festival of lights for Hindus is around the corner, Diwali. Diwali is the day we line up diyas, make our homes squeaky clean, and wear new clothes. It’s the day of new beginnings, the victory of good over evil. The most exciting part of my childhood was the new clothes. Like Diwali sarees

Shops online were lit in the most shimmering colors and sparkled like stars in the night. A memory of my mother buying new Sarees for Diwali stayed with me forever. A range of beautiful sarees in various textures and colors with designs from across India were available. It blew me away, even as a little girl, I would drape myself with my mother’s beautiful silk sarees, she had a diverse collection of sarees in her closet and every Diwali she would add a few more. Reminiscing on Diwali, saree shopping was one of my favorite events of the festival this time online. Silk sarees with golden zari work were nothing less for me as a little girl than the Renaissance Art of Italy is for me today this type of saree is for girls. The Indian weavers and designers of those traditional sarees were no less than Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

When my mother would be out for work, She always wanted to wear Latest Designer Diwali Saree with her choker set and that bright red lipstick. Wrapped in a saree, twirling round and round, draping again and again in varying styles, throwing the pallu on the shoulder with style, pleating it all wrong, running around the house pretending to do housework like my mother or teaching like my teacher was an occasional scene when no one was around. It wasn’t until one day she just dropped by suddenly as she realized why her sarees are always tangled, or so I believed that she never knew. Innocence at the best, I wish the child in us never faded away.

So this Diwali, I promised myself to buy in a new way like shopping online, without rushing here and where. To be honest, I do this every Diwali and the tradition continues. The feeling of buying the designed Saree is always liberating and Diwali makes it more special! I hope you get yours too like we get our new sets of Lakshmi and Ganesh. Everyone deserves a little self-love!

Celebrate this Diwali with SareSagaa- Buy Diwali Saree Online

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