This summer season, turn heads around, as you choose to drape around yourself the elegance inherent in the traditional georgette Sarees. Sober, minimal and stylish fabric done in an exclusive bold and pastel Aari border is here to lend you its elegance. About Aari Kaari, it is a fascinating hook art done in silk and cotton threads. The embellishment follows an elaborate process starting with the Naqash who traces nature-inspired motifs over plain pieces of cloth. The imprinted fabric is then passed onto a Kaarigar (artisan) who uses a specialized hook called Aari, to embroider it. Typically done on suits, shawls, and bags, Aari keep works its colorful charm on a plain drape and inspires in it a lively ethnic appeal.

Crafted in essence for all your occasions are these georgette Sarees done in the graceful Aari Kaari of Kashmir where floral vines and paisleys lie so close to each other in a bold and closely done border. A flare georgette plays home to this legendary Kasheeda Kaari where style and culture meet to give you a chance to dress yourself up in an unmatched manner.
Look gorgeous and be at ease at the same time.

Enjoy shopping from the beautiful collection of Kashmiri Georgette saree from SareSagaa

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